Arrowhead Product Packaging Revealed!


Arrowhead Models is proud to reveal our product packaging through the video above!

We see the attributes of our brand as being reflected in our packaging decisions, and as such, this is an important reveal. Arrowhead's packaging is a classic, two-piece enclosure. The palette is simple and clean. It is our opinion that packaging is both an extension of the product and should enhance the experience of ownership.

We view our work as an act of preservation, and the packaging aesthetic is an important part of our voice. A clean, understated aesthetic is how we choose to speak to an audience of mature enthusiasts: individuals who differentiate between models of trains and our efforts to preserve the heritage of railroading through historically accurate replicas. We are not in the business of selling toys; our demographic does not participate in a hobby to buy them. This aesthetic, our packaging, is an attempt to speak to each other on those terms.

Among other things, our packaging decisions reflect our interest to provide you with a better experience. The contemporary trend for packaging is a single-piece, cardboard box where the product is viewed through an acetal window. But, product windows tend to wear badly as the exposed edges of the window grab and tear. Thus, the design of the box lends itself to poor condition over time. For what it is worth, we don't like that. Additionally, the folded tabs catch on the product trays inside the box, which make closing the box a frustration. By giving careful thought to the practical considerations of packaging, we hope to improve your experience. We believe that this effort is congenial to our mission of providing you with a better experience in model railroading.

Finally, we are proud to introduce packaging with Arrowhead's signature "Sage" color! In addition to differentiating our brand from others, this color compliments Arrowhead's Western identity and has rich historical connotations consistent with our brand image.

Revealing the packaging is a significant benchmark on our path to a product announcement. Raise the glass as we raise the bar, great things lie ahead!

 Blaine Hadfield


  • Nice package!
    Can BARELY wait to see the contents!

    Rick LaFever
  • The new packaging design appears simple, as quality often does. Nicely done!

  • Spot on. The light Western Sage will also be a pleasure to view as they accumulate. Thank you for the relief from primary Pantones, fiddly end flaps, and visual clutter. Classy, with a capital “Well Done.”

    Bobby Zenk
  • Excellent!

    Thomas Austin

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