It means that we take an insightful look at the model train industry, and we have fashioned our business with the experience of the customer in mind.

1. We give real insight into how our models are extraordinary.

A customer cannot be expected to be an expert on every project, and traditional methods of advertising with line art and generic prototype information aren’t enough to convey the integrity of the research effort. At Arrowhead, we want to offer our customers more than the presumption that we’ve done good work. Our aim is to supply you with the evidence of a job well done. We give you a detailed exposition of the prototype and actual insight into the intensity of our research. We believe that this lends itself to a better customer experience because it gives you the confidence to buy without the fear of the unknown.

2. Research and design are highly integrated, and as a rule, the person who owns the research process is also the person who designs the models.

Arrowhead operates in such a way that the person who owns the research process is also the person who sits behind the computer and does the design. Research includes our commitment to conduct what is, almost certainly, the most extensive fieldwork in the industry. By way of this, we develop an eye for the prototype that cannot be equally understood through an appeal to photographs and manufacturing prints alone. This a fundamental difference, and it is one of extraordinary significance.

3. Arrowhead's models are promptly available with an announcement.

You may not have thought about it this way, but who benefits from a pre-order? Pre-orders require a customer to make decisions on assumptions and incomplete information. Pre-orders require customers to wait far too long for products on which manufacturers want commitments today. The pre-order system does not serve the customer. It serves the manufacturer. We don’t take pre-orders. Arrowhead models are promptly available with each announcement.

4. Arrowhead offers an unconditional return policy on all products.

We sell through hobby stores, and we sell online. In today’s world, sales transact online with great frequency. For products purchased from our own website, we guard your interests by allowing you to return products with an unconditional guarantee for 7 days after the purchase. This is a guarantee that serves you, not us. No questions. No problems.

5. We attend prototype modeling meets and historical society conventions aggressively.

The formula is simple. The more points of contact that we have with our customers, the better we are able to improve your customer experience. Meet with us. Let us know what we do well. Let us know what we should do differently. The better our relationship with our customers, the better we are able to deliver on our commitment to serve you.

6. We are committed to taking care of you.

Being the ‘Leader in Customer Experience’ means striving to see our hobby through your eyes. It means taking the time to ask whether a particular decision is really the best thing for our customers or just a good decision for us. No other manufacturer has cared so much about the customer experience that they make it central to their identity.