Westward Ho!

Somewhere in the vast Pacific, an OOCL container ship moves ever closer to port. She is a new ship, and her gray and red flanks are resplendent in the azure Pacific. Knowing that the Arrowhead container is in the ships' store, the horn is sounded auspiciously with two prolonged blows. This happens every day at 7:00 and 17:00 hours. At 20:00 hours on the weather deck, the crew indulges in multiple rounds of their finest rum (that is what sailors drink, right?). They dance and they sing in the moonlight and open air. Arrowhead product is coming.

And, the truth is: if they aren't celebrating, we are. Because product really is on the water, and that is a beautiful thing.

In the three blogs between now and an announcement, we will give more information about why we are. We will give more information about a release that, for some, will truly be huge. As things begin to accelerate that direction, raise the glass and tell a friend. Tell two. Now is the time for us to get our name out there.

Product is on the water. This train is starting to roll.

Blaine Hadfield


  • Probably not rum for these sailors.
    More likely tea with sugar!

    Rick LaFever
  • This is AWESOME news!!!!

    Thomas Austin
  • Great news Blaine!

    CE Hunt
  • Congratulations! Another step forward on the journey…as the arrow flies!

  • Yes!!! I’m sure it will be a Great model. Can’t wait.

    Gerhard Anderson

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