"[Expletive] hot!" Reviews of the Definitive HO Scale Wheelset are in!


The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset is sold out at Arrowhead Models and across our entire dealer network. But reviews and customer photographs are coming in.

From his prototype modeler's blog, Milepost 15, Christopher Slemp writes with a particular bent for the Proto:87 standard. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the Proto:87 (or P:87) is a modeling specification that seeks the greatest possible realism in the domain of track and wheels. The P:87 crowd is known to be pretty committed to the standard. So when Slemp gave his review, we took it as quite a compliment. Slemp wrote:

"The P:87 wheels just don’t look as good [as the Arrowhead wheelsets] even with their exact scale tread."

Slemp goes on to say that, among other things, The new “Definitive” 1:87.1 wheelsets from Arrowhead models [sic] are a huge improvement on the status quo....” You can read Slemp's review in its entirety here.

Slemp isn't the only person to provide us with feedback.

Brian Bennett took the photo at the top of this blog. He also authored the quote that gives this blog its' title. At the risk of curbing his enthusiasm, we have proffered a more "family-friendly" version of the quote.

Bennett used Arrowhead's wheelsets to retrofit custom painted PS-2CD 4740 covered hoppers from his fleet. Bennett is a demanding critic. At times early in my career, I have been on the receiving end for some of this criticism. The truth is, I'd never expect him to pull a punch. And so, I was proud to read his review on his Facebook page. Bennett wrote:

"It’s like your wife opening her favorite box of expensive Christmas chocolates. But so much better."

By invoking the term wife and placing it within the warm sentiments of Christmas, Bennett breaches the fourth barrier. Some hyperbole is sacrosanct--even sacrilege. Bennett knows this; and we trust that he knows when it is appropriate to transcend contemporary boundaries of prose and put so grand a compliment on the line.

Thank you, Brian, for you review.

The last release of The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset were popular; Arrowhead Models sold-out to dealers in less than 24 hours. Our dealers sold-out to customers within 72 hours. In emails, trade shows, and conventions since that time, questions about the availability of The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset are among the most-asked questions we receive. 

To people like Bennett and Slemp, we have good news. The Definitive HO Scale Wheelset is soon to be back in stock. And this time, we have brought in enough inventory to keep them on hand for at least twice as long--or so we hope.

Please watch our website for upcoming announcements. 

Raise the glass as we raise the bar! A better wheelset is coming.

Blaine Hadfield


  • I chuckled at the irony of feeling a tad defensive at Bill’s comment, as the quoted enthusiast of the realism of Blaine’s wheelsets. You see, as a devoted C/MRI user, I #CrossTheLine. The photo above hides the 20K-ohm SMRs installed.

    While I can’t disagree that putting resistors on these beauties is somewhat……something……to do so, we only have them installed on the inboard axle of our cars, greatly reducing their operational visibility. And while that does leave the opportunity for the spurious block-clearing via a truck wheelbase, our VERY demanding demands for ops realism are satiated at this time.

    Not to say I’m not interested in pre-resistorized wheelsets, but my hunch is that lack of demand, and/or the cost of implementation, will make them unjustifiable. The percentage of Blaine’s wheelsets users that use physical detection is probably similar to the percentage of model railroaders who use the wheelsets. But I’m happy to be wrong!!

    Brian Bennett
  • Thank you for your comments, Bill! We would be interested to hear more about your ideas about the perfect solution. Drop us a line at the contact us link on our webpage.

    Arrowhead Models
  • Purchasing museum-quality replica wheel sets, but then sullying them with even the tiniest resistor affixed to the axel in order to accommodate PC-based signal systems, obviously crosses a line. Any chance ARRoWHEAD would consider these wheel sets with signal-system-friendly resistance already built-in to the axel? Wow – that would really be great!


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