August 3rd.


In Arrowhead's most recent video trailer (click here), we say "our first announcement is just over one week away." Well. That was one week ago, and in the vernacular of our industry, "just over" is a technically rigorous term that puts the announcement on August 3rd.

But then, you would have already known that.

This is the last blog post leading up to an announcement. East coast modelers: we are putting you on alert. Big news is five days away. For some of you, this announcement will be a deep drink of water following the arduous desert sojourn. West coast modelers: our replica represents a massive percentage of a particular railroad's total fleet. You will know this car. And, if you model the Southern Railway specifically, well... very good news awaits.

Watch our website and raise the glass, August 3 is going to be a very good day.

Blaine Hadfield



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  • Great post Blaine!

    I do like the looks of that gondola in the background. But it does not look like an EJ&E Int. riveted side caboose.

    Brian Banna

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