One of These Things is Not Like the Other.


GP40-2 #4401 & 4307, CG-41 on Conrail's Niagara Falls Branch in the Town of Niagara, NY on 11/8/80. Doug Kroll Photo. Used by Permission.

 The first 100 cars of the Railgon Co. order with Greenville were delivered with white interiors. The idea was test how a bright interior would aid crane operators. One hundred Thrall-built cars were also delivered with white interiors.

Cars with white interiors are still on the rails. Of course, one would have to look hard to see it. The interior paint of a gondola, white or black, is well abused by 2020. But, they are out there. The photo below is of Greenville D&RGW nee-GONX #330019. You can see trace amounts of white paint at the interior corners and along the top chord. You can also see where the end sheet has been burned by the radiant heat of steel coil lading.

The Greenville 2494 "Railgon" gondola has been exceptionally popular. Arrowhead will be bringing to market paint scheme from this series of cars in the near future.  Please look forward to those.


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