Chasing the BNSF Officer's Special

Arrowhead put a little mud on the fenders chasing BNSF's Officers Special. Katie Farmer, BNSF's Chief Executive Officer, was on board. In fact, I believe that she is visible in the photograph.
At this location, the train is moving railroad east through Arvada, WY. Arvada is likely as remote a location as just about anywhere. At one time, it had a two story, wood frame depot. It closed on November 1, 1958.
The water tower is of CB&Q heritage. Traces of the CB&Q emblem are still visible on the tank--which was resplendent in its day. I am sure that some of you who are reading this post who can speak to how rare these have become.
The grain elevator is formerly of the Best Out West elevator company. This company operated a dozen or so line-side elevators between Gillette, WY and Hardin, MT, and many had a large, billboard graphic which is as attractive as any of the grain companies. The elevator in Arvada is unique among Best Out West elevators in that it is of wood frame construction (as opposed to wood crib) and still has the steel tile annex.
This is a spectacular, albeit unsung, section of railroad. Should you have the opportunity to railfan here, we would recommend it.

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