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Arrowhead's claim to be The Leader in Customer Experience™ is central to our identity.

By way of it, we make specific commitments for how we serve the industry. Arrowhead can raise the bar for extraordinary replicas. How we raise the bar for your experience as an enthusiast and participant in this hobby is just as important. No other manufacturer has cared so much about customer experience that they make it central to their identity.

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  • Your Pennsylvania Railroad H39 is the best detailed model yet, brass or otherwise, in my opinion.
    HOWEVER, PLEASE CORRECT THE DIMENSIONAL DATA on your PRR model which you’ve labeled with 50-ton data.
    The prototype was a 70-ton car and, as built, was labeled with the following data.
    Capacity: CAPY 140,000 lbs., Load limit: LD LMT 156,300 and Light weight: LT WT 53,700 .
    I want to buy a few but I don’t want to paint over and re-letter each one with the correct data.

    Ryan Hoover
  • I’m skeptical. I am curious since I am here but your intro seems to be a lot of hot air. No pictures of pre-production or theme of railroading (steam, modern, traction, etc) and a lot of great companies have produced top notch models before you. Maybe you are well known in your circle of business but the larger audience not so much. Saw your intro in RMC. The way Rapido Corp rolls out a product peaks my interest! Hope you do well.


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