Neil Peart, Rest in Peace


Neil Peart, acclaimed drummer for Rush, has passed away.

For our customers who may also have an interest in music, you may be interested to know that there is a connection between Neil Peart and the music that begins each Arrowhead Video.

When Neil Peart sought custom, black-nickel hardware for a DW drum kit, DW manufactured that hardware in two sets: one for Peart and an extra set to cover Peart and DW against loss or damage. When it became evident that a replacement set of hardware would not be necessary, my brother, Jordan, used his relationship with DW to acquire the second set of hardware.

My brother composed and recorded the drum music you hear with each Arrowhead video, and this music was played on the kit that shared Peart's hardware. The accompanying photo is of him while recording this music. His custom DW bubinga kit is a work of art.

There are many who claim that Neil Peart is among the most influential drummers of all time. Arrowhead Models is a small model train company in the open spaces of Wyoming, and yet, I don't have to reach too far to show that there is Neal Peart connection there too.

For music fans, Peart will indeed be missed.

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