All the Many Parts



Did you know that the Pennsylvania configuration of Arrowhead's Committee Design hopper consists of 145 separate parts?

The Denver & Rio Grande Western version of this car has 141 separate parts.

When one considers that, between the PRR and D&RGW cars, there is very few common parts or shared tooling, one begins to understand how comprehensive Arrowhead's Committee Design car actual is.

Consider this:

The design of every Arrowhead part for these models is driven by dimensional data. There is no part where the designer looked at a photograph and "eye-balled" it. No part is scaled from a photograph. There is no guess work and no derived measurements. We had fabrication prints; we had the actual parts in hand, or we meticulously field measured it.

Part creation with Arrowhead Models is accurate to within the limits of manufacturability.

Enjoy the spoils of an extraordinary replica.

 Blaine Hadfield

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  • Blaine:
    I worked at National Castings Toledo works, formally Unitcast, from 1977 -1992. We made thousands of the Wine door lock parts, including the hopper door frames. I started on the squeezer line where we made the majority of the lock parts. Seeing the castings on your cars took me back to those days. Great detail on the parts.

    Mark Pettus

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