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Ajax 1955 Handbrake and Appliance Set (AHP-9002)

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Arrowhead Models now offers the detail parts of its Committee Design hopper separately!

Arrowhead moves beyond simple detail parts to offer multi-piece parts of unmatched fidelity. These include: 3-piece air reservoirs, 3 and 4-piece handbrakes, and 2-piece brake regulators and ABD valves. Because of the constraints in the injection molding process, the accurate and detailed replication of some parts requires one to move beyond simple, single piece parts. With finite consideration of these details, Arrowhead Models has produced the most faithfully rendered parts in our industry.

Ajax 1955 Handbrake and Appliance Set (AHP-9002):

3-piece air reservoir:

Emergency half, air reservoir body
Bolted flange
Auxiliary half, air reservoir body


3-piece Ajax 1955 handbrake.

Ajax 1955 brake wheel
Ajax 1955 handbrake housing
Ajax 1955 handbrake release lever
Ajax 1955 internal gear, chain and vertical rod

2-piece brake regulator and brake rod:

Slack adjuster body and brake rod
Wire loop eye

2-piece ABD valve:

ABD valve body and emergency portion
ABD service portion


Air hoses (2x)

Bell crank

Brake cylinder and vertical body brake levers


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