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Pennsylvania / Penn Central / Conrail H39 Capacity Data Decal Sheet (AHP-8500)

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Following the release of Arrowhead Model’s Committee Design hopper, decal manufacturers have released new decal sheets for the Committee Design car. However, there is still a need for a concise library of reweigh data for the original PRR paint schemes. In response to demand, Arrowhead Models has created a decal sheet for ‘as-delivered’, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s era capacity data. Customizing PRR capacity data through the entire service life of these cars is now possible!

For Penn Central and Conrail modelers, reweigh data is an important consideration when modeling PRR cars. At times, the only lettering difference between an ‘as delivered’ paint scheme and a car near the end of its service life is the reweigh data. In 1980, approximately 4000 H39s were still in Pennsylvania paint. Well into the Conrail era, there were more cars in original Pennsylvania paint schemes than all of the H39s re-painted during the Penn Central era. Although these were still lettered for the PRR, the capacity data was restenciled to reflect weight changes. This data varied from car to car, and the only economical way to replicate this diversity in HO scale is through decals.

Arrowhead’s PRR / PC / CR capacity data decal sheet consists of 52 variations of CAPY, LD LMT and LT WT data. These include Pennsylvania lettering styles for 140000 and 154000 capacity cars, and Penn Central and Conrail lettering styles for 154000 capacity cars. Among which, we have also included station code decals for PRR’s Hollidaysburg shops--which was common in H39 reweigh stenciling.

If endless possible combinations of data is more your thing, the sheets also includes two libraries of numerical data.

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